Citation Guidelines & Conditions

The French Regional Database is provided free of charge. Users are asked to carefully read the following conditions. It is the responsibility of all registered users to give proper credit to the institutions and/or individuals who have created the data being provided or transmitted here. Proper citation is necessary whether the data in question are quoted in formal publications or in any other context. The following comments are intended to assist users by providing information about FRD data sources and by offering suggestions for appropriate citation procedures.

For each database made available, a specific citation is proposed. For any additional information concerning citations, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following address:

Users are requested not to distribute downloaded data to other users. Instead, we suggest that the latter be referred to the French Regional Database, where they will be able to download the data. As the database will be updated regularly, this practice will permit to download updated data. It will also ensure that each user will have access to information about the data, citation guidelines, etc.

All data have been checked through statistical routines to ensure a high level of data quality. However, we invite users of the database to report any problem encountered. The members of the research team of the French Regional Database cannot accept any responsibility for the material provided in this database. We assume no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of this data, even if these are caused by an error on our part.